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General | Agronomy | Market

High treated yield
Excellent gross margin potential
Excellent all round disease resistance
Keeps growing costs under control
Very high specific weight and Hagberg falling numbers
Able to meet contract specifications
Abbot Hereward Spark
Treated 97 93 93
Untreated 86 80 78

UK Recommended List – 1999 (5 year mean treated yield 9.61 t/ha)
Abbot Hereward Spark
Standing power 6 8 7
Straw shortness 8 7 5
Maturity 7 7 7

Abbot is a high tillering variety and sowing rate should be adjusted via thousand grain weight, soil and weather conditions to produce an established crop between 250-350 plants/m
As Abbot is a fast developing variety, crops should be closely monitored in the spring to ensure correct application of first plant growth regulators. It is likely to be one of the first varieties requiring PGR applications.
Due to its high yield potential, crops of Abbot will benefit from the routine use of plant growth regulators.
Although high yielding, Abbot has the ability to maintain grain protein levels. However the use of late nitrogen to help ensure correct protein levels is likely to be beneficial in meeting contract specifications.
Abbot has good resistance to shedding and sprouting.
Abbot has been tolerant of chlortoluron in PBI Cambridge tests, but manufacturers current advice should be checked.
Abbot Hereward Spark
Mildew 7 6 7
Yellow rust 6 6 8
Brown rust 9 7 8
Septoria nodorum 6 6 7
Septoria tritici 6 6 7
Fusarium 5 6 7
Eyespot 5 4 5

Abbot’s all round disease resistance means it should be an economic variety to grow on farm.
As a variety with significant added value potential, priority should be given to fungicide application at the flag leaf stage, combined with a late ear spray to maintain grain quality.
Market position
Abbot will complement Hereward as a mainstay UK breadmaking variety replacing the current acreage of Caxton, Mercia, Spark and Cadenza.
NIAB have given the variety a breadmaking score of 7 similar to Mercia.
Abbot has the potential to earn high market premiums.
Abbot’s grain characteristics also make it suitable for premium export markets as well as intervention.
Gross Margin Potential
Its combination of high yield and quality give Abbot the potential to earn gross margins significantly better than hard-milling feed wheats.


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crop portfolio

Breadmaking Abbot Class 2 breadmaking wheat with high yield
Hereward The best breadmaking quality of any UK wheat
Paragon Hard milling spring wheat with excellent breadmaking quality
Added Values Wheats
Charger The high yielding thoroughbred with premium potential
Option New generation added value wheat
Rialto The highest gross margin potential wheat
Biscuitmaking Consort Highest yields for biscuit making and export
Feed Madrigal Very high yielding soft milling wheat
Napier New high performance feed wheat

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